Welcome to Fab in 3D

We are a premier fabrication machine shop with the capabilities to create products in 3 dimension. if you can think it we can most likely make it. We work in metals, woods and many types of composites. Our products range from practical such as basic signage for businesses to utility products such as spools for wires, cables etc. to more elaborate items like 3d logos made of durable metal to withstand the elements while hanging on the outside of a building.

Your Imagination Fabricated in 3D

Our Work

Wood Fabrication

3D or 2D

This is a small bowl machined out of wood. It has intricate details inside the bowl along with an inscription on the outside bottom of the bowl. We can create most anything out of a variety of woods.

Composite Fabrication

Plasitcs, Poly Carbonites & more

This is a sign made from durable plastics. This sign is used outside and can withstand the elements. We can machine just about anything from just about any composite or plastic material

Metal Fabrication

Stainless, Pewter & more

Brake Rotors... We can create a unique product for your specific needs from most any type of metal.

Combination Materials

Resin, Plastics & more

Light Boxes...A combination of Poly Carbonite and automotive type lenses was used to create these unique light boxes.

Custom Furiture

Custom Wood Products

Custom Office Furnture...We can build most any type of wood furniture to fit your office space. Custom design with all the extras you desire.

Hobby Items

Trophies, Plaques, Displays

Custom Wall Mount & Plaques...We build custom wood products. You can have most any style design and verbage for your wall mounts and plaques.

Our Portfolio

Our Services

  • 3D Fabrications

    Fab in 3D is a custom machine shop. We can make most anything from most any type of material.

  • Wood Fabrication

    We work with many types of woods & projects of all sizes. From small custom bowls to large custom furniture.

  • Metal Fabrication

    Our shop can mill from most any type metals. We can make hard to find small or large parts

  • Composite Fabrication

    Do you need something special made? Custom engraved counter tops for your business or home.

  • Creative Fabrication

    Let us help solve your problems. Do you have parts that are breaking prematurely? Maybe a better material is needed. Maybe a better design. We can help.

  • Branding- logos

    We fabricate custom business logos from most any type material to withstand all the elements it may encounter.

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